Time is flying…

I’ve been meaning to write this for AGES. I thought life without alcohol might be boring but I’ve been busier than ever and my plan to somehow celebrate the 6-month mark is now a touch late!  I’m on the home straight with only 5 months left so here’s 5 things that I’ve learnt so far….

Some places still have rubbish choices for non-drinkers – I have consumed approximately 7,646 litres of soda water this year.

I can still stay out til all hours without if feeling like a drag to be sober – I’m usually surprised at how late it is when I start feeling like I want to call it a night.

I haven’t saved any money – everyone keeps telling me I must be saving so much money. Clearly, I wasn’t getting enough rounds in before because my bank balance is still just as disappointing as before.

I haven’t lost any weight – again everyone assumes the weight must be dropping off me, but there is no chance I am going to miss out on the end of night burger just because I’m not drunk 😉

I don’t miss it – I thought I would and there have been a couple of meals out where I’ve been a touch envious of the fella’s glass of red but other than that I don’t really think about it. It’s become normal now and I kind of like that.

2 thoughts on “Time is flying…

  1. Donna says:

    Well done Hannah! 😀 I know I’m known as a bit of a party girl, but have also had plenty of lengthy times when alcohol has not been a part of my life. I’ve never been one to just have a glass of wine after work and generally will not have a drink on my own. If I do find i have poured myself a glass of wine, generally the glass is mostly full at the end of the night and I’m tipping it out in favour of a cuppa! I often have alcohol free weeks/weekends. Often without really planning to do so!
    As for choices out there when one is out. This is what I generally drink if not wanting to drink alcohol.
    1/ Plain, mineral or soda water with lots of fresh lemon or lime squeezed in and a decent splash of angostura bitters if the pub has it. LOVE bitters. I’ll sometimes carry my bottle of bitters with me! 🍶
    2/ Ginger beer. Esp nice with crushed fresh mint leaves muddled in. Otherwise I’m not a coca cola or lemonade fan. 🍺
    3/ Tea! Yes! I will often have a pot of green or herbal tea going if out with friends at a pub, esp if it’s a bit chilly. And getting hot water refills is normally not an issue ☕
    4/ Low or nil alcohol beer (I would prefer a low alcohol cider if readily available). I’m not a big beer drinker and when wanting to be socialable and not wanting to stomach yet another soda water, I find I can easily sit on one or two of these for most of the night.
    4/ A mix of 25/75 to 50/50 mix of orange & soda/mineral water. I find orange juice too much on its own.

    • hcmethven says:

      Thanks Donna 🙂 its good to know there are other booze lovers out there who also like a bit of an alcohol-free moment! good drinks suggestions too, I don’t have enough ginger beer which is crazy because I love the stuff. I’m off out out tonight and will try a few of these out x

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