The first big night out

The end of January saw my first major social event without alcohol. A friends 50th birthday party. An event that would normally see me getting right on to a few drinks, especially because it was fancy dress…. That normally requires a drink for bravery.

I was mildly concerned I wouldn’t be able to go the distance and the night would drag. I was imagining everyone being absolutely hammered and me there, sober in the corner, dressed as a bat and feeling a little sad.  But it wasn’t even remotely like that.  As I was driving no one even questioned why I wasn’t drinking or hassled me about my choice.  The conversation was good, there was a lot of laughter at some of the incredible costumes including some gentle banter at poor Sylvester who was a bit hot and bothered in his furry onesie.  Before I knew it 1am came round and we were kicked out!

A major bonus of not drinking was the ability to drive there and back.  It was in a fairly remote hotel and would have involved either paying to stay over or a few taxis and trains. I’d underestimated how great it is just to drive home at the end of the night and not have to stay awake on a train.  Plus, despite going to bed at 2am I felt fresh (and a bit smug) the morning after. Result.

The main negative was the lack of choice for non-boozy drinks.  It was a small hotel with a good range of alcohol but only large bottles of fairly flat coke and soda water for those of us not drinking.  No options of cheeky mocktails for me then.  It wasn’t a big issue and didn’t tempt me to drink but it made me think that I want to pick a few places to go out next that I know will have great things for me to drink as well.  I’ve been looking out for places to add to my list and the first one I plan to check out is Redemption Bar everything there is non-alcoholic and their food is all based on healthy, clean eating and double bonus everything looks DELICIOUS!  There doesn’t seem to be a hint of missing out. 

My plan for the next couple of weeks is to find a few more for the list and get in quick with suggestions for upcoming nights out that are still only partially planned.  I’ll report back on what I find 

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