Playing with the alphabet

For years when friends were having babies I would make them a blanket, crocheted or knitted, usually in bright colours. But they take forever to make and I know quite a few pregnant people at the moment… so I’ve had a to rethink.

After a good scroll through Pinterest my head was swimming but I was really drawn to name banners. They are such a personal gift and the variety of fabrics and colours available means each one is fun to make.

In terms of sewing they are super easy – PHEW! I used Word to create the templates and quickly learnt that boxy fonts are easier than anything with a curve to it. Cut a felt back, two layers of wadding to make them a bit squishy, and a cotton for the front and stack them all together. Then use the template to draw the outline on to the cotton, I use iron-off marker pens but chalk is fine too. Remove the template and pin the layers together, I’ve found they don’t actually move around too much but I’ve not braved it without at least a few pins yet.

Once the letters are sewn cut them out using pinking shears to make the frilly edges, cursing the fiddly letters like A, O, R as you go. Then sew all the letters to a long piece of ribbon (checking the spelling before you start!) and the banner is done!

The banners are going to be a new addition to my Etsy shop, look out for a Christmas themed one I’m planning to make with some amazing fabric I’ve got in my stash!