Dry January? Not for me…

I made it! 365 days with not a single alcoholic drink, who’d have thought it?

12 months ago, after a lively week in Vegas, I decided to take a break from booze. I wanted to escape the terrible hangovers and find out if I had any willpower. A year might seem like a dramatic target, but I didn’t want to see if I could just get through a few nights out without drinking. I wanted to try booze-free big birthdays, weddings, holidays, work events, anything where my standard reaction would be to grab a drink.

Part of me wants to say it was tough, that I pushed through challenging times where I craved a drink, but whilst I am massively dramatic I am a bad liar.  It was so much easier than I expected, and I really can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.

There was never a moment where I was tempted to give in or thought I couldn’t do it. I only had to suffer two moments where I felt like I was missing out – both wine tastings on work trips. It was tough to listen to all the info about the wine but not take even a sip.  The positive side though…. I need to go back to Tuscany now the challenge is over 😉

For the last month or so everyone has been asking me when I’m going to start drinking again, most people assuming that I’d neck a bottle of prosecco at 00:01 on New Year’s Day!! At the moment I’m not actually sure, I’m surprisingly not that bothered by drinking any more, I didn’t miss it.  I have no intention of going tee-total, it was never about that, but I’ve moved away from having booze out of habit.  Whatever I pick for my first drink in ages I know it definitely won’t be a shot of sambuca!

Happy 2018 people x