Month 5 already…

The radio silence doesn’t mean I’ve given up!  I don’t really know where the last two months have gone. Well maybe I do, the marathon training finished, the big day happened and then I spent a fair bit of time on the sofa recovering.

I always knew it was going to be easy to stay booze free for the first four months. The amount of training needed for a marathon means life is pretty much eat lots of carbs, run loads of miles and sleep for the rest of the time. Now it’s done though I’ve got more free time. Sunday mornings don’t mean two or three hours of running and so Saturday nights out are back on the menu.

So far so good though. I’ve not really felt the need to have a drink, no one seems even remotely bothered by me not drinking and I am loving not having hangovers! 

I am bored of drinking water though. There really is a rubbish amount of choice for non-drinkers in most places.  I ordered some non-alcoholic BrewDog Nanny State the other day only to find out it was actually low alcohol when it arrived.  Same with three other non-alcohol beers I ordered. 

I’ve tried shloer, but that made me feel like a kid pretending to drink wine. Today I tried Belvoir Rose, it’s ok but super sweet so not something I could drink all evening.

My favourite option so far is a virgin mary.  I absolutely love a bloody mary (who doesn’t?) and they are just as good without the vodka. Plus, I feel positively saintly drinking it, all that tomato juice and celery must be doing me some good.

Anyone got any ideas for things I can try?

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