It started to get a bit harder…

So, this week I went with the other half to a gin tasting afternoon tea, booked many months ago.  I decided it probably wasn’t wise to leave all my drinks for him (if I wanted to get him home in one piece) so I emailed the venue and explained I didn’t drink and asked about alternatives.  I got the nicest email back saying it wasn’t a problem and they’d made a note to create some mocktails for me.

The mocktail choice was fab, maybe even too much for an indecisive gal like me, but I must admit it was kind of weird not doing the main event. It started by picking four gins to taste and they came to the table with lots of teeny pots filled with things such as coffee beans, sliced almonds and elderflower syrup to enhance each gin. It looked fun and it was odd just asking lots of questions and not being able to really understand the flavours.  I wasn’t tempted to join in but probably only because gin isn’t my favourite…had it been red wine then I don’t think I would have gone in the first place.

My first real temptation came a few days later. Out to dinner on Friday night I ordered a steak, which was just crying out for a nice glass of red.  The other half isn’t joining me in my year of not drinking (see post one for his reaction to my decision…) and I am making sure he doesn’t feel like he should avoid it when we are out. But I was pretty jealous of his wine on Friday, not enough to give up on the challenge but enough to remind me that its quite a habit for me, certain meals just don’t seem the same without a drink.

For most of the time though it’s still easy. Drinks with friends last night saw everyone drinking wine and me sticking to ginger beer and it made no difference. I’m still training really hard and I was slightly worried that after the marathon the non-drinking challenge was going to get a lot harder.  But then I got a space for Ride London.. the 100-mile cycle that I need to complete within 8 hours.  EEEKK.  I’ve only ever cycled 100kms before, and that took me about 6 hours. Given there are a few hills on the course I can see I’m going to have to man up and stop avoiding them on my training rides, I foresee a few early mornings in Richmond Park coming up!

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