40 days to go

It’s hard to believe that this whole challenge has gone by so quickly. 325 days so far without a drink, and only 40 left to go. For the main part it’s been much easier than I expected.  I’ve made it through hen do’s, weddings and even weekends with the in-laws (now that was a challenge 😉) I’ve been out more than ever and while I fully intend to go back to drinking, I also intend to make a lot more of my nights out booze free.

I’m a soft drink guru now. I’ll quickly locate and scan the softie section at the bar, homing in on anything I’ve not tried before. I’ve got my favourites though, and these five have been a big part of my life over the last 325 days.

Fentimans rose lemonade – I can’t get enough of this stuff. Sweet, but without being sickly. Cool bottle and pink, what’s not to like?

Soda folk Cherry soda – this is a relatively new discovery and is one that is definitely here to stay. It’s sweet but a bit cherry bitter at the same time. Again, the bottle is cool (yeah, I’m a sucker for a pretty label) and it just feels fun to drink. No one wants being sober to mean being boring.

Fever-tree aromatic tonic water – Lots of my friends have chuckled at this and said I’m missing the best bit of a G&T!  but it’s OK, I don’t really like gin.  I love this tonic water for when I really don’t want anything sweet, it’s absolutely delicious and I could drink it by the bucket load.

Old Jamaica Ginger beer – this needs no words. Its SCRUMMY and I could drink it all night long. It’s just as good on its own as it is with a shot of vodka and a dash of lime.

Soda water – boring it may be, but I’ve grown to love plain old soda water.

One thing I’ve just spotted on Instagram but not yet got my hands on is Nix & Kix.  My weekend plans are centred on finding some and testing it out, I have a feeling the mango and ginger juice is going to work its way on to my favourites list 😉

Anyone got a recommendation for me to try before the end of the year?

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