12 months of sober

I’m giving up booze for 2017.

Oddly enough the scariest thing for me is how people are going to react to that statement. At this point I’m less worried that I won’t be able to have a nice glass of red with a steak (although to be honest that is also pretty scary).

I deliberately kept this challenge a secret, only talking to two people close to me. One was my husband who instantly answered ‘no way’ when I asked if he thought I could do it. Thanks mate. To be fair he’s known me for a long time, has supported me through many terrible hangovers and then watched me get straight back on the booze 😂 The other confident was more supportive and after talking it through admitted they also encouraged others to drink or on occasion got loads of rounds in so they could get a sneaky water without others knowing.  Is it really that bad not to drink?

I love a drink and I am usually the first to try and persuade a non-drinker to join in the fun. I’ve called people boring on numerous occasions for not drinking and until recently I’ve never given it any thought.

So given that I love a drink and don’t have any physical reason to give it up why bother? Well aside from the monumental hangovers I get these days my main motivation is to see if I have the willpower.  Social occasions typically mean alcohol. Sometimes I want to abstain but I rarely do and on the odd time I try, I’m easily talked round.  Anyone who isn’t drinking and doesn’t have a valid excuse gets called boring… am I really dull unless I am drinking? I hope not.

I considered doing ‘Dry January’, it’s pretty common these days so there would be plenty of support.  But it doesn’t seem like a challenge. Everyone is skint and it’s really easy to avoid going out during January, it’s cold, Christmas is over and it’s a fairly rubbish month perfect for hanging out on the sofa and doing nothing.

But a whole year?  In theory it shouldn’t be that hard.  I’ve got important birthdays and weddings to celebrate in 2017 which almost made me reconsider. The thought of celebrating without a cheeky glass of prosecco is really odd, but I’ve decided its OK, raising a glass of something non-boozy doesn’t mean I love my mates any less.

Having made the decision to do it I was lucky enough to go out in style. I’ve been in Vegas for the last 6 days having the most amazing time ….my liver is definitely ready for a break.

So here goes. Day 1 of 365 without booze. I’m not sure what is in store or how I will feel at the end of it but at the very least I’m going to improve my knowledge of mocktails 😉

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