1 week in …

I was wrong to be scared. Sure, there were a few people who were really shocked by my plans to ditch booze for a year – like I said before I love a drink! – but everyone has been so supportive. I haven’t been called boring once. It’s only been 7 days though -and I haven’t really been out yet…

I knew that January would be easy to be honest. I am totally skint after Christmas and new year and most of my friends are in the same boat. It also helps that I am really getting in to marathon training now.  I’m running the Brighton marathon on 9th April so weekends from now on will involve a lengthy run on a Sunday morning which is never going to work if I have a hangover. This morning I knocked out 6 miles with the amazing BeaRCats, a local running club I belong to, then tagged on a couple of bonus miles to get home. I just can’t do that sort of stuff after a night on the sauce.

Whilst it’s been easy so far, I am about to have my first challenge. I’m off to India for work this week. There is nothing I love more than a beer with some wonderful, proper Indian food.  I’m starting in Hyderabad which is famous for biriyanis, and who doesn’t like the sound of a mutton biriyani washed down with a cold beer?  This could be tough!  Yet there are good alternatives to be had, with sweet or salty fresh lime soda being one of my favourites and of course a mango lassi is always refreshing.

I’ll check in during my trip and let you know what I find to replace the beer. One things for sure, I won’t be drinking the masala soda I tried last time I was there, that was an “interesting” taste which I am not keen to repeat!

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