So, what’s your goal for 2019?

A simple question that got my brain ticking over recently. I didn’t have one. I’m the kind of person that needs one. And it needs to be tough, otherwise I tend to assume that no effort is required and just wing it.

I’d entered the ballot for the London Marathon, but it’s too popular and I wasn’t lucky. I turned to swimming, much more pleasant than long training runs in the depths of winter. I registered for a 5k charity swim. Then the next day heard I had a marathon space….

No bother, surely I can manage training for both. It can’t be that hard right? I drew up the training plans. Then realised the 5k swim falls on the same day as my 20-mile run. Of course.

It’s going to be tough so there needs to be something to keep me motivated. That focus is coming in the form of Send a Cow, an amazing charity that supports some of the poorest communities across Africa. They help families use the limited resources they have to build a better life. There are so many ways to help, from funding a keyhole garden to giving the gift of a chicken, helping to improve diets with fresh eggs and also fertilise the garden! These gifts don’t cost much but make such a massive difference to peoples lives.

I’m going big. Obviously. I’ve committed to raising enough to fund 60 donkeys, 50 piglets and 10 chickens. The animals are bought from local farmers, then given to families to start their own small holdings. So really every animal given as a gift helps two families. WIN WIN!

I’m excited and terrified in equal measures. But I guess the next time I get asked that question I’ve got a decent response 😊